8 pasos para que tu bebé identifique que se acerca la hora de dormir

8 steps for your baby to identify that bedtime is approaching

8 steps for your baby to identify that bedtime is approaching

If your baby sleeps well and has a regulated and complete sleep cycle, he will be a baby with a good mood, focused, active, alert and will have all the energy to play, explore the world and learn.

During sleep, the brain is producing the cells for your mental, physical, and emotional development. It is important to respect the moments of rest so that your baby can sleep long enough. Likewise, create habits so that your child learns to identify when his bedtime is approaching.

We have created for you: 8 steps to help your baby identify that his bedtime is approaching:

⭐️1. We prepare the environment by generating a calm climate.

⭐️2. We give some massages.

⭐️3. We take a relaxation bath.

⭐️4. We put on suitable clothing for the weather.

⭐️5. We feed him.

⭐️6. We read a book.

⭐️7. We clean your teeth (the few you have)

⭐️8. We give thanks for the day we had and turn off the light to sleep.

⭐At Tool-be we accompany you at each stage of your baby so that you can support him in developing his full potential.

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