Recomendaciones claves para que te bebé sepa que llega la hora de dormir

Key recommendations so that your baby knows that it is time to sleep

Key recommendations so that your baby knows that it is time to sleep

Identify the baby's tiredness

When we follow a daily routine, it is easier to identify the right moment when the baby is tired and should go to sleep. We must respect this moment and begin the sleeping ritual before the baby falls into exhaustion. If we miss the first signs of tiredness, our baby is likely to become irritable and then it will be much more difficult to get him to sleep.

Prepare so that our child identifies that bedtime is approaching

When the baby goes to sleep, whether during the day or at night, it is important that there is a ritual that will help him anticipate and self-regulate.

This way, bedtime will be much easier and more pleasant for both the baby and the parents and caregivers.

We give you an example for bedtime:

  1. We prepare the environment by creating a calm climate.
  2. We give some massages.
  3. We take a relaxation bath.
  4. We wear clothing appropriate to the climate.
  5. We feed him.
  6. We read a book.
  7. We clean your teeth (the few you have).
  8. We give thanks for the day we had and turn off the light to go to sleep.

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