¿Qué son los masajes Shantala?

What are Shantala massages?

What are Shantala massages?

Shantala is a traditional ancient technique from India that aims to restore physical, emotional and energetic well-being.

What better way to make your baby feel loved and cared for than with Shantala Massages?

With skin-to-skin contact while you massage your baby, you communicate many emotions and begin to build the bonding relationship while generating benefits such as:

Facilitate neurological development
Stimulate circular system
Organize bodily sensations
Increase body perception
Help digestion and elimination of fats
Help energize the body

You can include these massages before bedtime, thus helping your baby to relax and prepare for this moment.

Some recommendations

Prepare the environment at a comfortable temperature, so that your baby does not feel cold.

Let your baby rest after eating, before starting the massage.

Keep eye contact with your baby during the activity.

Do not wear rings, bracelets or watches that can hurt your baby, it is also recommended that you do not have long nails.

Traditionally, the massage is done with the baby completely naked, so we recommend putting it on top of a towel.

Organize your massage routine so that it does not coincide with moments of hunger or sleep. Your baby must be calm and with a good disposition.

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