¿Sabías que tu bebé necesita un objeto transicional?

Did you know that your baby needs a transitional object?

Did you know that your baby needs a transitional object?

When your baby approaches 6 or 7 months, it is common for him to begin to establish a special relationship with some objects such as blankets, stuffed animals or toys.

We call these "transitional object"

These objects facilitate the transition between maternal affection and other affections, helping your baby to control situations that generate anxiety, and giving him security, for example when he is taken to a strange environment.

It is important to mention that not all babies have a transitional object, since each one experiences their emotional process in a different way.

In fact, your baby may experience "transitional phenomena" instead of "transitional objects." For example when your baby strokes his hair, holds your hand or sucks his thumb.

Remember that it is your baby who is in charge of arbitrarily choosing this transitional object or phenomenon!

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