Contando historias con Lila

Telling stories with Lila

Recommended age: 24 to 6 years We use Lila to invent stories, and when personifying her we move her wings, crest and her entire body to give...

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Siguiendo el ritmo con Lila

Keeping up with Lila

Recommended age: 1 to 6 years 1. We choose musical instruments that we have such as the egg shaker , rattles , drums , claves , xylophones or ...

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Series y secuencias

Series and sequences

Recommended age: 2 to 3 years: Using the 5 chicks of our Lilac Hen we are going to create a sequence according to their color, for example: ...

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¿Cuántos pollitos hay?

How many chicks are there?

Recommended age: + 12 months

Learning to count is part of the development of children's mathematical thinking. We teach you how to do it from when they are babies.

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