Lilac Hen and Chicks Toolbox

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Lila the hen and her chicks Toolbox

With La Gallina Lila and her chicks, children will develop math skills through play, STEAM skills, and awareness of the importance of including eggs in their daily diet.


  • Lila's Little Book and her chicks: + 20 activities and a guide to mathematical skills and notions.
  • Lilac hen 3D puppet
  • 5 chicks of different sizes, textures, weights and colors
  • 12 egg recipes
  • Cardboard nest with lace holes and "straw" in shredded paper
  • egg shaker
  • Set of math cards for sequencing, seriation, memory, numbering
    • 2 sets of numbers from 0 to 9
    • Signs of addition +, subtraction - and equals =
    • 15 chick tokens
    • cloth bag
  • Sheets to paint, decorate the nest and create your own theater
  • Crayons
  • Scrapbook stickers of Lila and the characters of Tool-be
  • Set of activity sticks

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