Personalized support

$57.500 COP
From the Tool-be Families Support Center CAT we contact you or the caregiver you choose, to guide them and solve any doubts.

You will receive 1 call with personalized accompaniment per month, in which we teach you how to use the tools, we monitor your baby's development and we guide you in activities that you can do to continue strengthening her achievements.

The duration of the call is approximately 45 min - 1 hour

Additionally, you can write to us with all the doubts you have about the use of the system, activities, music and recommendations to achieve achievements.

In the accompaniment, we guide nannies or caregivers in charge of the baby so that they learn to use the Tool-be System.

We listen to you, guide you and accompany you throughout the process!

*This accompaniment does not include medical issues

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that the PREMIUM Stimulation and Development Toolbox includes personalized accompaniment for the duration of each level.

How to register?

1. Make the purchase for the number of months you want to have the accompaniment.
2. We will send you the instructions to schedule your personalized call.
3. Add our number to your WhatsApp contacts, so you can write to us at any time to ask any questions you may have.