Hand and Little Hand

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SKU: T-0060
Learning primary emotions through symbolic play, the creation of stories and improvised theater shows at home, are essential to enhance creativity, language and imagination.

The “Hands” tool has a happy face and a sad face on each side.
It is a support tool, developed to support the work of mom and dad and other adult caregivers at home. Using them naturally promotes adult-child interaction.

• Includes 1 hand for adults and 1 hand for children up to 5 years old.
• Recommended age: from 12 months
• Dimensions: Hand 23 x 24 cms. Hand 16 x 18 cm
• Material: Textile, foam
• Easy to wash and dry

Toolbox recommendation:
Try playing using “Hand and little hand”, while listening to the song “Mi Mano” by Tool-be. You will feel the magic of rhythm and movement, spreading the moment.