sensory penguin

$21.900 COP

These sensory animals are every baby's favorite. It provides different sensations to the touch, striking and contrasting colors.

How does it help your baby?
• It has an ideal diameter, which was designed and applied according to the opening and grasping capacity of babies in their first months, in a process in which they keep their hands open more and more and begin to develop their voluntary grasp and hand-eye coordination.
• It will serve as support to visually track objects of different colors. The strong and saturated colors of these “Tools” facilitate perception in the first months.
• Additionally, its internal and external composition offers the possibility of feeling different textures, which will help your baby discover new tactile sensations.
• Its “ball” shape makes it ideal for playing throwing and working on the coordination of your hands and arms at older ages.
• The penguin will allow you to play personification games, using their onomatopoeia and different voices for each of them, which will help in the development of speech.

  • Textile material
  • Texture: Soft and grainy
  • Color: black and white
  • Average diameter: 5 cm
  • Easy to wash and dry