Mano Mora Puppet

$26.500 COP

The Mano Mora Puppet is part of the collection of fruit and vegetable puppets, with which We help promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables of the 5 colors of health in both children and adults by playing and sharing Significant Learning Moments.

“The colors of health” It is a strategy of the Chilean government, which seeks to stimulate the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the population and publicize all the benefits that their consumption has for health.

Ideally, a plate of food should have at least two to three colors of fruits and/or vegetables. Consume the five colors during the day.

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On the back, each puppet contains the health benefits chart of each color.

In the book of PEANUT Tool-be Food & Nutrition Education Program Part 1 You will learn all the benefits and properties of the "Colors of Health".  meet him here

Recommended age

From 6 months old


  • Material: Fabric
  • Approximate size of each puppet: 30 x 20 cm