3D Lilac Chicken Puppet

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Share significant moments of learning and development, playing and singing with La Gallina Lila and her chicks. Listen to the song here.

Recommended age: From newborns

How does it help your children?

  • The 3D Lilac Hen puppet is ideal for children's free play and for guided play accompanied by adults.
  • It is an ideal "tool" to interact with your baby from birth, helping him in the development of language and cognitive skills and object tracking.
  • Later, children will bring it to life when they play: they can move its wings, head and body (working on finger dissociation), rattle its crest and wings, and hide the chicks and eggs inside it.
  • Together with the chicks, it is ideal for promoting symbolic play, encouraging children to create stories in the nesting box, take care of the family, collect the eggs and feed them. It is an ideal tool for children's language development.
  • Additionally, La Gallina Lila teaches you activities and guides you to work with children from home, the development of mathematical notions and STEAM skills that are the basis for learning mathematics at school. It also teaches you activities for motor, sensory, cognitive, social-emotional, communication and language and musical development. Find out about the activities here

To have a complete experience learning mathematical skills, we recommend the La Gallina Lila y sus Chicks Toolbox. Includes activity book

  • Use Lila to promote egg consumption at home! It is ideal to make us aware of its nutritional benefits.


Do you already know Lila's song?



  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Easy to clean and wash. You can use a washing machine. The use of a dryer is not recommended.
  • It can be used as a transition element, which helps give security to your children.
  • It helps establish a positive relationship with food and especially with egg consumption.


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