PEANUT food and nutrition

Healthy eating habits

and the way we relate to food, from the beginning of life

PEANUT Food & Nutrition Education Program

We improve the food security condition and nutritional status of children from 0 to 59 months and their family environment.

Available for families, companies or government programs and institutions in communities.

PEANUT Toolbox

It includes the tools, the program's publications and the accompaniment to help families with children with problems of malnutrition or obesity.

Variable price according to the needs of each company, institution or community to serve.

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Know the publications

3 easy-to-read chapters that are a complete guide and answer the most frequent doubts of families regarding the introduction of complementary feeding, the feeding of pregnant and lactating mothers, the feeding of school-age children and the family . Learn more

The Recipe Book & The Nutri-sheets is the ideal complement to the chapters, with different and easy-to-prepare recipes and with everyday ingredients. Learn more