Babies from 7 to 9 months

How is the development of babies from 7 to 9 months?

  • Sits up without help and will go from a lying down position to a sitting position on his own.
  • Begins to move by crawling, crawling or even turning until he reaches his goal.
  • Stands up on his own and maintains this position by supporting himself on some object, to later move laterally.
  • Reacts to sounds or words that I already understand their meaning: his name, the doorbell, the telephone, etc.
  • Expresses fear and anguish at separation from the adult.
  • Pronounces 3 or more syllables (mimimi, tatata, papapapa) as a response imitating a conversation by changing his tone voice.
  • There is an intention to have a conversation with the adult.

How does it work?

We guide and accompany you in each of the stages, so that you support the development of your baby's skills.

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