¿Cómo estimular la succión para mejorar la lactancia?

How to stimulate sucking to improve lactation?

How to stimulate sucking to improve lactation?

Activating the muscles of the baby's face favors attachment to the breast and facilitates your breastfeeding process

Below we explain the step by step so that you can perform these massages with your baby:

Perform 5 repetitions of each movement

1. Relax the masseter muscle by making circular movements on the cheek from the inside out and from the outside in.

2. Project the baby's lips towards the front, moving your fingers from the ears towards the lips so that in the end the lips look like a fish's mouth. This will help so that when the baby attaches to the breast, he does so with his lips outward or everted.

3 . Perform a dotting movement around the lips to relax the muscles (orbicularis oris muscle).

4. Stretch these muscles by moving your fingers in and out over your upper lip and then under your lower lip.

5. Relax your upper and lower lips by making a sweeping movement from top to bottom on the upper lip and from bottom to top on the bottom, from the chin towards the lip.

In the following video you will be able to see the complete movements that we have just explained to you:

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