6 recomendaciones clave al regresar al trabajo después de la licencia de maternidad

6 key recommendations when returning to work after maternity leave

6 key recommendations when returning to work after maternity leave

Time to get back to work

This is a very important moment for the mother, full of mixed emotions and where planning plays an essential role.

Recommendations for mom:

1. Prepare the milk bank 3 months before returning to work. Learn more in this article

2. It is important to define who will be in charge of the baby while the mother works. For this, we recommend being clear about the working hours to be able to coordinate all the logistics.

3. Once you are in the company, identify the lactation rooms and organize the pumping times according to your work schedule. Understand the company's lactation policies, logistics and rules for cleaning, handling and preserving milk in the rooms.

4. Use nursing pads or milk collection containers and bring spare blouses, shirts or underwear.

5. Have a breast milk extraction kit that includes a thermal bag that helps keep the extracted milk cold, cooling gels or batteries, storage containers, a marker and stickers to mark the containers and the pump. The gels should be frozen the day before and the storage jars and breast pump sterilized and prepared.

6. To facilitate extraction, it can be very helpful to have a photo of the baby or an item that contains his or her scent.

Learn more about manual expression, how to bank milk, and how to prepare for returning to work in the Tool-be Breastfeeding book and in the mini-courses "Milk Banking. How to Prepare for Returning to Work?" and “How to manage breastfeeding and returning to work?”


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