Recomendaciones para tener una experiencia positiva con tu Lactancia Materna

Recommendations to have a positive experience with your Breastfeeding

Recommendations to have a positive experience with your Breastfeeding

Socially, many myths have been created around Breastfeeding , preventing and predisposing future mothers.

It is common to hear from many people that it is painful, that it is difficult, or that it is not that important. Especially from close people whom you trust.
But none of this is true, especially if there is a previous preparation learning the best practices for your Breastfeeding .

For this reason, it is important that both the mother and the adults who will accompany her (spouses, partners, grandparents, etc.), document and inform themselves from the hands of experts , before the birth of the baby.

This preparation is vital to assume Breastfeeding with all the knowledge and confidence that they are going to do it very well.

Bullet The support and accompaniment that the mother receives from the adults around her is essential.

Bullet Mom: You must be calm, trust your instinct and enjoy every moment you are with your baby. Breastfeeding is not complicated and is an act of human nature.

Bullet We are interested in helping you and that you feel confident in the new stage that you are about to live or that you are living.

Bullet In the podcasts of Tool-be's SOS Breastfeeding line you will find a lot of valuable information that will help you prepare. You can listen to them at , or on our YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Anchor channels.

Bullet In the Tool-be Guide Book you have an exclusive chapter on Breastfeeding, with answers to many of the questions that moms have. This is available in the Starter Box.

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