¿Cuántos pollitos hay?

How many chicks are there?

How many chicks are there?

Recommended age: from 12 months

We place a chick in front of the children, we point to it and ask: “How many chicks are there?” We respond by pointing to the chick again saying: “a chick.” Then we placed another chick next to the first and asked again: “How many chicks are there?” We count while pointing to each chick: "One and two." We continue in this way adding chicks until we reach five chicks.

We make more chicks with paper mache, to increase the number of chicks up to which we are going to count.

From 5 years old we count from back to front, starting with a quantity of no more than 5 chicks. Example: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0. We increase the amount as the children master counting.

When counting, we place in front of the chicks the number token (included in the set of mathematical tokens) corresponding to the number of chicks. Thus little by little they will learn the graphic representation of the number.

We sing the La Gallina Lila song to carry out this activity



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