Encajando los pollitos en el nidal

Fitting the chicks into the nest box

Fitting the chicks into the nest box

Recommended age: 18 months to 2 years:

We observe the nest box with our son and begin to ask questions about the holes it has, for example:

What is the biggest gap? And we show him the largest hole: "This is the largest hole and it is circular in shape"
What is the smallest gap? And we tell him: "Look at this hole, it's smaller than the other one."
We show our son how to fit one of the chicks through the nest box, while we accompany the activity by relating the large chick to the large hole, for example: "This big chick does not fit through the small hole, we must put it through the big hole" and We deliver the chicks so he can do it too.

Recommended age: 3 to 5 years:

We can play with fitting the chicks into the nest from a greater distance, trying to get them to enter when we throw them. We can start by throwing them into the open nest box and then into the closed nest box so that it enters through one of the circles.

It is important that we mention the way in which we are fitting, for example "Throw it in the big circle."