Actividades para jugar con "Rema Mi Barquito"

Activities to play with "Row My Boat"

Activities to play with "Row My Boat"

Row My Barquito is a song that invites the body to move from one side to another. And this is the reason why we created this song.

When we swing, our vestibular system begins to work, favoring the development of balance.

On Youtube you can find the video of the song Live, where we show various activities that you can do with your children.

How can you do these swings?

 Perform these movements always following the rhythm of the music, so you will also work on the musicality and rhythm of the children.

  Sitting on the floor with our feet stretched out, we place the babies or children on our legs. We raise and lower our knees a little keeping the rhythm of the song. In this same position, we move from one side to the other (to the right and to the left, and then to the front and back). In the video of the song you can see how to do it.

  While standing, you can hold your baby in a tummy-down or back-up airplane position, and rock back and forth as if the airplane is flying. With older children you can also do it, only it will probably be a little more difficult for you, since they are already heavier.

  Sitting on the floor with your child in front, hold each other's hands and perform a to-and-fro movement. When one goes forward, the other goes backward.

  Using the Tool-be Hammock included in the Toolbox be-1, make a swing between two adults, each holding two corners of the hammock. Lay baby in the center of the hammock and rock from side to side and back and forth.

  Using the inflatable ball included in the Toolbox be-2, you can do swings, laying your baby face down on the ball, or sitting on it.

  With toddlers, you can balance while standing, shifting from one foot to the other. In this video you can see how to do it.

Additionally, you can invent a choreography with the body, making movements according to the lyrics that we are singing. For example: we do the rowing movement with our arms, we simulate seagulls with our hands, we do the sailor position with our hand on our forehead, etc. Let your imagination fly.

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We would love to know how you play with your children with this song! share your comments with us.

Enjoy the video here!