¿Cuál es la importancia del ritmo?

What is the importance of rhythm in the development of children?

What is the importance of rhythm in the development of children?

Rhythm is an element that is with us since we are in the womb, the beating of the heart and breathing are two natural rhythmic processes.

Studies say that when listening to the musical rhythm, children naturally perform simple body movements, such as: clapping, walking, running, swinging and jumping.

The rhythmic element is an organizer of movement, therefore it helps children in their motor coordination. A simple and repetitive rhythm provides order and structure.

To help your children develop musical rhythm, we suggest the following activities:

Bullet Sitting on the floor and with your children on your lap, choose songs that invite you to sway. To the beat of the music, start rocking to one side and the other to the beat of the music. We recommend you to do it with “ Tú mi angelito ” and “ Rema mi barquito ”.

If your baby is already walking, you can do the activity standing up rocking from one side to the other, alternating the support on the feet.

Bullet With songs that have a stronger rhythm, walk, run and jump to the rhythm of the music. You can do it with “ Poomba that rumbles ”, “ The ants walk ” and “ María Fumasa ”, “ Paco my horse ”. If your baby does not walk, you can carry him to perform the activity. You will feel the rhythm through you.

Bullet Choose songs of different speeds: fast and soft . Play by clapping or playing percussion instruments keeping the rhythm of each of them. Do not worry if your baby does not follow the rhythm, little by little he will internalize it. The important thing is that he listens to you and sees you. All the songs on Tool-be will serve you.

Collect a percussion instrument with each Toolbox!

Bullet Dance, sing and enjoy with all kinds of music. The various genres enrich the musical thinking of children, as they have different sounds, metrics and rhythms.

Bullet Rhymes have rhythm, so they are also a very valuable tool for developing rhythm.

You don't need to be a musician to help your children in their musical development.
You just need to enjoy, play... we give you the tools!

With the Tool-be System you will learn activities and songs that will help your children to grow up happy.


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