¿Cómo desarrollar un vínculo seguro con mi bebé?

How to develop a secure bond with my baby?

How to develop a secure bond with my baby?

The interaction with your baby can be assimilated to a thread that at first is coiled up, but month after month and year after year it will unfold while you allow greater autonomy.

If that thread unravels too quickly, it can break and generate feelings of anguish; if it doesn't unfold, your baby may feel insecure.
Mom, dad and close adults will contribute to the baby's development, each with their own style!
It is important that both of you are involved from the beginning, creating a unique bond with the baby through attention, affection and understanding during all his developmental changes.

One way to strengthen these bonds is to share moments of play with your baby every day and dedicate time to loving interaction through reading, puppets, songs, dance, etc.
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