¿Cómo manejar las pataletas y las emociones de los niños?

How to handle children's tantrums and emotions?

How to handle children's tantrums and emotions?

Why does my son react like this? How do I manage your emotions?

Fears, restlessness, aggression and 'tantrums'

The love of learning to be with others is born from the relationship with those closest to us. Bonding emotionally ensures that children open themselves to new knowledge and trust their autonomy to continue living with others. Here we will explore alternatives that will guide us to accompany emotional reactions in an educational way and enhance social learning.

The tantrums

The most difficult moments require well-thought-out and less impulsive solutions. If we scream in the midst of an emotional reaction of loud crying and resistance, we send the message to our children that this is how problems are solved.

The famous 'tantrums' are very present around the age of 2, this is a time of brain maturation where emotions come to life. It is an emotional explosion in the face of small or large events, which sometimes take us by surprise, but the more we analyze them, the more experts we will become when it comes to preventing them. Practice will allow us to observe signs before the big 'tantrum' breaks out; Also, if we react in a positive way, they will learn another way to express themselves.

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