Abrazar, mecer, sostener: las prácticas del amor

Hugging, rocking, holding: the practices of love

Hugging, rocking, holding: the practices of love

What to do when the baby comes home?

Learning to communicate with the baby is the task that we, as parents, have for these first months. Their routines move between sleep, feeding and diapers, and they are needs that we know must be met. Furthermore, around these needs there is a language that we must know and it is that of the senses.

We will call it the practices of love: hugging, holding and rocking.


  • Uniting the ear with the heart provides vibrations and waves that enable the most basic beginning of understanding space.
  • Skin-to-skin contact is the deep touch between the caregiver and the baby, which regulates body temperature and heart rate, sending a message to your brain of emotional calm.
  • The smell of breastfeeding and skin makes you feel at home.


  • Relive slow movement, forward and backward, which helps organize body sensations and adaptation.
  • It is generally accompanied by sounds, such as songs or voice vibrations, that are coordinated with our movements. We invite you to sing the soft songs of The Music of Tool-be® while rocking your baby.
  • Imitate what he babbles, with the same tone, at his own pace and in turns.
  • The rhythm of movement and sound become impossible for our baby to resist as they remind him of his previous life in the belly.


  • Our son comes from an environment where water surrounded him, prioritizing his arms allows him to “float”, reminding him of his intrauterine life.
  • This position lightens your body, which is now heavy.
  • It allows us to look each other in the eyes, this is the perfect distance to begin to recognize each other.
  • Imitate their gestures, make mimes and reproduce looks of love.

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