Toolbox be-2 Components

What is the development of 5 and 6 month old babies?

  • When a toy is shown and placed in front of him, the baby tries to reach for it, he is able to hold a toy in each hand and always seeks to put the objects in his mouth. Parents often use the expression “everything for the mouth.” .
  • Now the baby laughs out loud when faced with a sympathetic or pleasant stimulus, is capable of producing four or more different sounds, babbles, and pronounces combinations of sounds such as ma, ta, pa.
  • He locates a sound easily and reacts when called, pays attention to the conversation and even tries to imitate the movements of the lips and tongue.
  • Around six months, when he is placed in the sitting position without support on the trunk, he manages to maintain that position for a short period of time, which is of great importance to start complementary feeding.
  • At this stage, the baby turns until a change of position is achieved, he tries to push himself with his feet both in the face down and face up position and this becomes a wake-up call for parents as he can easily fall out of bed.

The "tools" that we propose below help your baby achieve these and more achievements at this age.

Discover here: how, when and where to do activities with your baby

Step 1: Enter your username and password to the Family Center.

Step 2: Click on the activities that appear in each of the "Tools" (See below).

The Little Book be-2

Between arms and lulls!

It is the ideal summary to understand the stage your baby is going through. Full of important data, expert recommendations in a format that is easy to read and take with you everywhere. Includes development charts for 2, 3 and 4 month old babies.

You can also track your baby's development in the Family Center in the development menu

Use the plastic ring to take it with you everywhere.

SET of Activities Level be-2

Applying the activities is super easy and everyone can do it at home.

In each activity you learn:

The areas of development worked on, the step by step, the recommended age range, the necessary “Tools”, songs that you can enjoy, variations for later stages and other recommendations.

⭐Each activity has a # number and a name. You can search for them at any time in the Family Center Activities menu

Activities included:

You can continue doing all these activities in later stages. Check the recommended age range.

The Recipe Book & The Nutrifichas

*Included only in the be-2 PREMIUM Toolbox

More than 70 recipe cards for baby, preschool age and family with preparations that include all the food groups of "The Rich and Healthy Family Plate".
They were created especially to facilitate your daily life, using ingredients that we all know and exploring other flavors that you can plant yourself in your home garden and that will enhance the flavor of your meals.
Includes recipes for your baby to eat with his hands and for the lunchbox with sensory feeding bases, BLW and BLISS. They do not contain preservatives or additives.

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Chapter Food & Nutrition part 2 - Home of complementary feeding

*Included only in the be-2 PREMIUM Toolbox

The correct start of complementary feeding is determining your baby's future feeding habits.
With Book 2 of the PEANUT Program - Tool-be Food & Nutrition Program, we guide you and teach you in an easy and practical way, how to start complementary feeding for your baby and all the determining aspects in establishing good habits for life, following all the principles of perceptual eating with the best of BLW and BLISS.

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Multifunctional mirror

The experience of seeing his reflection in a mirror and recognizing that what is reflected there is his own image, is a discovery for the baby. Its multifunctional design will also help your baby develop visual tracking of moving objects, while having fun turning it and perceiving the cause-effect relationship. Ideal for tummy time play, as it allows the baby to rest their hands and forearms on the floor while playing to spin the mirror, strengthening their balance and preparing them for crawling.

Recommended activities:


It is a musical instrument that simulates the sound of sea waves. You can carry out multiple activities from the Tool-be System that will help your baby promote attention to auditory stimuli, differentiate and locate sounds and associate them with the source that emits them. The sound produced is part of the sounds classified as "white noise", which helps to promote environments of relaxation and calm. It is an instrument that is very easy to manipulate, which with simple movements produces a charming sound, especially at this age when your baby begins to hit objects with his hands. Additionally, its texture is very pleasant to the touch.

Recommended activities:

Finger Puppets - Farm Animals Set 1

Character puppets allow interactions with your baby in which games are introduced with animal sounds, actions and voice changes. This favors the increase of the baby's communicative repertoire, preparing necessary elements of language development. With soft texture and strong colors, they generate interest from the point of view of perception.

Recommended activities:

Medium sensory fish

The sensory fish is a “tool” with which you begin to work on gripping larger items. It has different colors and textures that encourage baby's tactile exploration.

Recommended activities:

inflatable ball

This traditional tool can be used as a tool for your motor and visual development and to provide you with vestibular experiences. Later, it will help your baby in his gross motor development and visual-motor coordination (eye-hand, eye-foot).

Recommended activities:

egg shaker

Based on learning the action/sound association that the baby has previously made with the rattles, the egg shaker appears as another option for the baby to produce sounds from movements. Its smoother texture, with its rounded shape that generates other motor challenges for grip, makes the egg shaker an ideal tool.
*Colors may vary depending on availability.

Recommended activities:

Tool bag

Practical bags that will help you protect, organize, store and take the “Tools” anywhere.

*Colors may vary according to availability

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