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We help detect early warnings in neurodevelopment and nutrition, with an individual intervention plan for each family and their children, preventing and mitigating future risks.

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The Music of Tool-be

Without emotion, there is no learning!

Created to carry out the activities of the Tool-be System, while helping children develop skills in all areas.

We write happy stories together with thousands of families!

"In my family there is a party every time Toolbox arrives, it is our little box of opportunities to grow and learn. The Tool-be team has been an accomplice and guide in Vicente's development process, with love, patience and following our rhythm particular."

Nathalie and Lucho parents of Vicente

"Every time we open a Toolbox we feel lucky to have found such a loving and professional company. Each element is cared for, precious, impeccable.

My son concentrates, has fun, explores and I feel accompanied, less alone. It is evident that every little thing was made with love and care."

Manuela mom of Theo

"My daughter loves the Tool-be System , they have helped us with its development and the results have been wonderful, the advances she has had are enormous.

We love the methodology, the tools that are used, and music as the primary development tool."

Diana Paulina's mom

"We began to notice that there was a difference in her development, thanks to the dedication we put into it as parents, based on what Tool-be had taught us through the Toolbox. We are convinced that what Tool-be generated in she was very helpful to his development.

We are Tool-be lovers . We recommend it to everyone because we love the work they do and the impact they are making on the children."

Ana Emilia's mother

We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!

Proud to work

under a business model that operates as a force for good.

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