Importancia dela musica en el desarrollo de los niños

How does music help children's development?

How does music help children's development?

Music is a powerful tool for the comprehensive development of children.

When making or listening to music, many areas of our brain related to movement, language and emotional processing (in both hemispheres) are connected in an organized way.


By sharing a musical experience with others, we generate emotional bonds , enjoy unique moments, generate valuable memories for the construction of our identity . These types of repetitive musical experiences consolidate the child's relationship with their main caregivers and allow them to find a tool for emotional development in music. Likewise, as we build a repertoire of songs , we generate an emotional relationship with them, and we can use them when we need them to calm down (eg: lullabies), activate us (movement songs), etc.


The rhythmic component of music , due to its relationship in the processing with the motor cortex, facilitates the performance of various activities with children related to movement, which strengthen the awareness of their body , the body scheme, the acquisition and stabilization of motor schemes thin and thick.





The songs allow us to play with rhymes, sounds, control the breath to make long or short sounds, organize sounds into words . The organization characteristics in musical elements of the songs, facilitate a greater fluency in speech . It gives us a fluidity when speaking that allows us to sing.

Our listening skills , fundamental for understanding language and reading, are practiced in musical experiences. Rhythm, melody, harmony and the lyrics of the songs will be fundamental in the music-language relationship.


As you can see, there are many skills that we can work with music.

We can listen to it, sing it or dance it...

But additionally we can do many activities in coordination with rhythms, lyrics and melodies, which will enrich the integral development and at the same time the musical experience and learning of your children.

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