Flash Cards

Why are Real Object Photo Flashcards important?

They are recommended by experts!

These Flashcards , by having a real image of the objects, make it easier for children to establish a relationship and connection with objects in the real world, helping to strengthen concepts and expand their knowledge of their environment and their vocabulary.

Our Flashcards are made of thick and laminated material to facilitate the handling of the little ones.

Recommended for children from 6 months of age to the school stage to support the processes of reading, writing and learning the Spanish and English languages.

How to play with Flashcards?

These games and activities will help your children develop these skills.

Communication and language - Cognitive - Motor - Sensory - Musical - Socio-emotional

"The Flashcards were a salvation on our trip"

I took them all on the plane. During the flight, I played with my baby using the Flashcards and she was happy and calm the whole trip."

Claudia mother of Sylvana - 10 months