Family Center Membership per month

$33.500 COP

With the Family Center membership you have all the content of Tool-be available 24 hours a day in digital format.

You do not need to download any application you can access from any electronic device. Sign in at

Remember that the Stimulation and Development Toolbox includes access to the Family Center.


  • Virtual stimulation classes: Weekly you can learn activities, games, development recommendations and different ways to use the tools and songs to support your baby in all areas.
  • Track your baby's development: At any time, you can track your baby's development in all areas, including musical development.
  • weekly activities plan
  • Unlimited courses with experts on topics such as:
    • Breastfeeding: everything you need to know to have a successful breastfeeding.
    • Baby care
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Neurodevelopment
    • Music
    • Parenting
  • Musical initiation videos: Musical initiation activity videos with original Tool-be and traditional songs. They include previously unreleased songs exclusive to families on the show.
  • Admission to the family group and support group
  • Corrected age: Activities proposed according to the corrected age for premature babies
  • Ebook The Tool-be Guide book: Contains the chapters on Gestation & birth, breastfeeding, baby care, parenting and Food to consult them at any time 7/24

How to register?

1. Make the purchase for the number of months you want to have access to the Family Center.

2. We will send you information so that you can rea

3. After registration, we will contact you.

4. You can write to us at any time with any questions you may have.