¿Cómo saber si mi bebé escucha?

How do I know if my baby listens?

From the 16 weeks of fetal life, the sense of hearing is already present. When the baby is born, we parents would like to know if our baby can really hear; initially we can observe how their reaction is to external sounds: when a doorbell rings or a door closes. The baby must react by triggering the reflection of Moro , there we could say that he heard the noise.

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Los reflejos del recién nacido

newborn reflexes

Do you know why your newborn baby grabs your finger when you bring it close to his little hand? Or why, even if he is not hungry, does he want to suck anything that comes close to his mouth?

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Todo lo que debes saber sobre tu bebé prematuro

Everything you need to know about your premature baby

Under normal conditions, a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but the baby is considered mature enough to adapt to the environment outside the womb from the 37th week of gestation. That is why all babies born before 37 weeks of gestation are considered premature.

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La alimentación en los primeros años de vida

Feeding in the first years of life

"What children experience in their first thousand days becomes the platform for development for the rest of their lives."
UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund
The relationship that your children generate with food will depend on you!

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¿Hasta cuándo es recomendable darle leche materna a mi bebé?

Until when is it recommended to give my baby breast milk?

The international recommendation is that you give your baby exclusive breast milk (that is, without water, drinks or any other food) during the first 6 months of life, as this becomes a sufficient and complete food that meets all the nutritional requirements of your baby.

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