Adivinanzas y mímicas

riddles and mimes

Recommended age: +24 months A person or child picks up a Flashcard at random and describes the animal they chose or mimes imitating characteristi...

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Clasificamos animales

We classify animals

Recommended age: +24 months We ask the children to classify the animals according to different characteristics. For example: color, size, if it ...

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Asociando animales

associating animals

Recommended age: +18 months We look for real animals, in toys, magazines, videos, etc. We ask the children to associate the animals on the Flashc...

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Quiero ser un...

I want to be a...

Recommended age: +16 months We select a Flashcard and play to become the animal that appears in the image. We imitate its sound, we move like th...

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Sonidos de Animales - Actividad No. 139

Animal Sounds - Activity No. 139

Recommended age: + 6 months

We name the animals of the Flashcards and we imitate their sounds (onomatopoeia) or we also reproduce the real sound of the animal on an audio device. We encourage children to repeat this sound.

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