Small Yellow Sensory Chick

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He small yellow sensory chick is part of the family of The Lilac Hen and from the group of Tool-be Sensory Animals.


Collect the family of chicks to work on classification, comparison, sequencing, and serialization skills. Each chick has different weight, size, texture and color characteristics.

How does it help children?

• Together with the other chicks, they are the perfect "tool" to carry out the activities with La Gallina Lila, the mathematical worksheets and the other "tools" included in the Toolbox , for the development of mathematical thinking playing from home before the school stage.
• It has an ideal diameter, which was designed according to the opening and grasping capacity of babies in their first months, in a process in which they keep their hands open more and more and begin to develop their voluntary grasping and coordination eye-hand.
• It will serve as support to visually track objects of different colors. The strong and saturated colors of this “Tool” facilitate perception in the first months.
•Its ​​internal and external composition offers the possibility of feeling different textures, which will help children discover new tactile sensations.
• Its “ball” shape makes it ideal for playing throwing and working on the coordination of your hands and arms at older ages.
• The chick will allow you to play personification games, using their onomatopoeia and different voices for each of them, which will help in the development of speech.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Easy to clean and wash. You can use a washing machine. The use of a dryer is not recommended.
  • It can be used as a transition element, which helps give security to your children.
  • Helps establish a positive relationship with egg consumption.


  • Textile material
  • Texture: towel and granular
  • Yellow color
  • Includes: 1 small yellow sensory chick with a diameter of 5 cm

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