Fruit and vegetable puppets - The 5 colors of health

$119.900 COP

"The colors of health" is a strategy of the Chilean government, which seeks to stimulate the
consumption of fruits and vegetables in the population and make known all the benefits that
its consumption has for health.

Ideally, a plate of food should have at least two to three colors of fruits and/or vegetables. Consume the five colors in the day.

With the Fruit and Vegetable Puppets, we help promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables of the 5 health colors in both children and adults by playing and sharing Significant Learning Moments.

It includes:

  • 1 hand puppet of Mrs. Mora
  • 1 Mr. Broccoli hand puppet
  • 1 Mister Tomato Hand Puppet
  • 1 Mrs. Cauliflower hand puppet
  • 1 Mrs. Pineapple hand puppet
  • 1 activity sheet to play with the children and the Food puppets.
  • 1 cloth bag to store the puppets

Each puppet contains the table of benefits of each color for health.

In PEANUT's book Tool-be Food & Nutrition Education Program Part 1 you will learn all the benefits and properties of "Health Colors". meet him here

Recommended age

From 6 months old


  • Material: Fabric
  • Approximate size of each puppet: 30 x 20 cm