¿Cómo hacer arena lunar?  | Actividades sensoriales

How to make moon sand? | sensory activities

How to make moon sand? | sensory activities

Lunar Sand is a fun dough with which you can model many things. Its wet but dry earth texture allows your children to enjoy a very pleasant sensory experience. Shapes can be created from molds and undone, just by touching them.

Making it is easy, fast and cheap!

Help children to...

Bullet Stimulate and enhance their creativity and imagination .

Bullet Explore the texture with their hands and feet , sensorily integrating themselves into its texture.

Bullet Develop tactile sensitivity .

Bullet With it we take the opportunity to teach concepts such as: shapes, sizes, quantities, colors.

Bullet Promotes the development of fine motor skills .

Bullet Improve your ability to concentrate.

Bullet Strengthen the emotional bond with the adult through magical moments of interaction with your children.

How to prepare it?


9 cups of flour
1 cup of vegetable oil
1 plastic container
1 resealable bag

Step by Step

Put the 9 cups of flour in the plastic container.

2. Add the vegetable oil.
3. We knead with our hands mixing the ingredients.


Bullet Don't worry if the preparation doesn't come out like a dough, in fact it seems that the preparation is very dry, but when you crush it, it molds perfectly.

Bullet Once you use the Lunar Sand, you can store it in a resealable bag so that it is preserved and you can use it many more times.

How to play with her?

don't force your children to do things, allow them to play a lot of imagination , exploration and imitation. With your example you will teach them little by little how to use the lunar sand and enjoy it.

Bullet From 9 months

  • We put the moon sand in a large container so that your baby can sit on it and thus explore the texture with his whole body.
  • We play to cover some parts of the body with lunar sand, such as: hands and feet.

Bullet From 12 months

  • We use paper tubes and shovels so that babies can introduce the moon sand through them and watch it fall.
  • We can use molds to shape the Lunar Sand

Bullet From 16 months

  • We play to hide some element in front of their eyes, so that your baby finds it among the Lunar Sand.

Bullet From 22 months

  • We make balls and begin to count them.
  • We make figures of different sizes and we mention which ones are big and small making comparisons.
  • We can make long and short strips to compare this feature.

Bullet From 24 months

  • We play to match elements such as strips or balls, for example we make a big and a small ball and we play to fill the small boilita until it is the same size as the big one, we can also make a long strip and a small one, and we play complete the small strip until it is as long as the other, we take the opportunity to talk about the concept "same".
  • We can give simple orders with quantities of elements that we make with the Lunar Arena, for example we say "give me 3 figures" "put 3 sticks there".
We recommend singing the song My hand by Tool-be and following all your movements for the activity of opening and closing your hands while manipulating the moon sand.
Find the video on how to make moon sand here .
While your baby feels the lunar sand on his body, we can sing the song The Ants Walk and let the lunar sand fall on his body to the rhythm of the Tool-be music.
You can find this and more activities in the Tool-be Family Center .

Do you already know The Music of Tool-be?

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