¿Cómo hacer nieve casera? | Actividades sensoriales

How to make homemade snow? | sensory activities

How to make homemade snow? | sensory activities

Making snow at home is a very fun activity, its soft and cold texture will give your child very pleasant sensory experiences that allow him to mold different shapes while having fun.

Help children to...

Bullet Strengthen the emotional bond between the adult caregiver and the baby.

Bullet Encourage free exploration .

Bullet Allow the integration of different sensations (in this case a sensation that also has a cold temperature).

Bullet Encourage creativity .

Bullet Improve your ability to concentrate.

Bullet Strengthen fine motor skills.

How to prepare it?


2 cups of cornstarch
 2 cups of shaving foam
 4 tablespoons of liquid soap
1 mixing bowl

Step by Step

We introduce the 2 cups of corn starch in the container.

2. We put 2 cups of shaving foam.
3. Stir initially with a spoon and later with your hands
4. We put the 4 tablespoons of soap and mix a little more until we have the texture of snow.
5. We refrigerate to give it the cold temperature for at least 2 hours.


Bullet Once you use the Homemade Snow you can store it in the fridge so that it is preserved and you can use it many more times.

How to play with her?

Bullet From 9 months

  • We can play at putting a little homemade snow on the different parts of your baby's body such as the hands and feet so that he discovers these textures on his body.
  • Allow the baby to touch the texture of the snow with his hands.

Bullet From 12 months

  • We played at making snow balls or arepitas.
  • We can use any mold that we have and we press on it to shape it with the snow.

Bullet From 24 months

  • We have fun making snowmen made up of little balls, we can decorate with some branches or unstructured elements that we have on hand.
Find the video of how to make Homemade Snow here.

While your child molds the homemade snow with his hands, we can sing the song My Hand and do the movements of it, using the snow.
You can find this and more activities in the Tool-be Family Center .

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