¿Qué parte del huevo es mejor darle a mi bebé? ¿La clara o la yema del huevo?

What part of the egg is best to give my baby? The white or the yolk of the egg?

What part of the egg is best to give my baby? The white or the yolk of the egg?

You may hear different opinions about which part of the egg you should offer your baby. Some say the yolk and others the white.
Today we want to tell you that: The two are the best combination!
The white contains all the types of amino acids and the yolk all the high-density fats that are favorable for the functioning of the organism.
Egg nutrients are distributed as follows:
Clara: Contains proteins (ovalbumin) and several of the nine essential amino acids.
Yolk: Provides fat (cholesterol), micronutrients (vitamins A, B2, B12, D and E and minerals such as iron).
How to start offering the egg to my child?
Serving: 1/2 to 1 unit
From 6 months , you can include the egg in your child's daily diet . Start by offering only the yolk (the yellow part) well cooked, for 3 days. We do this to see if it generates an allergic reaction.
If this occurs, vomiting, diarrhea, or a rash throughout the body may occur. Suspend its consumption immediately and consult your doctor. If you do not observe any allergic reaction, from the 4th day you can offer the whole egg in different preparations.
Remember that the egg is a food rich in proteins of the highest biological value, iron and important fats for brain development!

"Egg, little egg, what do you keep in your little heart? Is it the white or the yolk? Every day you will come to our table, with your good fat, protein and vitamins, our child will grow."


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