4 razones por las cuales los expertos no recomiendan el uso de caminadores

4 reasons why experts do not recommend the use of walkers

4 reasons why experts do not recommend the use of walkers

Walkers, as sophisticated as they may seem, are NOT suitable for your baby, both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Colombian Society of Pediatrics (SCP) advise against them. ❌

Know the 4 most important reasons:

  1. The walker is the leading cause of severe cranial brain trauma (CBI) with brain hemorrhages in children under one year of age. This happens because the baby moves without control and can easily roll down some stairs, fall from a terrace or simply turn over on the same walker.
  1. Your baby needs to be exploring with his body, crawling, turning and moving throughout the space. When we put him on the walker, we limit his movements and do not allow him to develop his motor coordination.
  1. By limiting his movements and displacement, it makes it difficult for your baby to learn to calculate the distance between his body and objects and the awareness of his body in space.
  1. In addition to this, the walker does not favor the support of the sole of the foot, this being necessary so that you can start walking, stimulating walking on your toes, which is not appropriate.

When your baby is ready to stand up, he will do it on his own! You don't need to put him in positions he's not ready for yet!

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