Importancia de los primeros años

Importance of the early years

Importance of the early years

The first six years of children are very important years in their development, since it is in this period when most of the architecture of their brain is formed!

At this time the foundations for social, emotional, motor and cognitive development are formed.

85% of children's brains are formed in the first 3 years

The development of the brain depends on genetic factors , on the particular situations in gestation and on the experiences that each child lives through the relationship with the environment and in the interaction with parents, other adults and their peers


The bond and a safe environment are the basis for the proper development of children.

Movement , play , exploration of sensations and the construction of affective ties are essential in these early years, because through these, children learn to know and control their body and identify how it works, know what their capacities and their limits , they learn to interact with others , with objects and to relate to their environment ; strengthening their self - esteem , their self - control and the construction of their identity .

It is desirable that adult caregivers have an active role.

What do we mean by this?

That we go beyond the minimum care that the first years of life require (hygiene, food, habits), to get involved in the construction of emotionally significant moments for children and adults , and promoters of the development of children in all their dimensions .

Body movements help the child understand how his body works, control it and use it to relate to his environment

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