Prevención de accidentes con los niños: Caídas y electrocución

Prevention of accidents with children: Falls and electrocution

Prevention of accidents with children: Falls and electrocution

Accident prevention

If there was a word that summarizes everything related to the safety of our children it would be: Prevention. The safety of children and the creation of basic safety habits in them depends on parents and caregivers. The vast majority of children's accidents occur at home and always under the supervision of an adult. These accidents can cause disabilities, loss of health, or even be fatal.

95% of accidents with children are preventable!

Below, we present the most common accidents and how to prevent them:

  1. Syndrome of sudden infant death

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  1. Falls

Unfortunately they are very frequent and almost always from: Stairs, windows, balconies, beds, cribs, changing tables, cabins. These falls can cause mild or severe trauma, leaving trauma to the skull, abdomen and extremities, which can leave consequences or cause death.

  • Let's protect our house! Using security meshes and locks on windows, bars and safety bars on stairs will always be a good idea.
  • Never place furniture or chairs near windows.
  • Not for 5 seconds, let's leave the baby unattended on changing tables, tables, high beds or any high place.
  • Let's secure the child well when he is in his feeding chair.
  • Do not use walkers.
  • Avoid, if possible, children climbing trees.
  • When the child already knows how to walk, it is advisable to use anti-slip mats in bathrooms. Careful! Let's not leave the child unattended during bath time.
  • It is key to secure cabinets and shop windows to the wall, so that if the child tries to climb them, they do not roll over.
  1. Electrocution

  • Cover all outlets that are within sight and height of children with safety features.
  • Don't let them play with electrical items.
  • Do not leave cables from cell phones or electronic devices loose or in poor condition.

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