Cuidados de la piel y uñas del bebé

Baby skin and nail care

Baby skin and nail care


The skin of a newborn baby is delicate and sensitive, any substance such as soaps, lotions, perfumes can irritate and dry out their skin. The baby usually does not need any lotions, oils or powders, the fewer products used the better. When it is necessary to use them, they should be products made especially for babies.

After birth, the skin becomes dry and scaly. If this happens, we can apply a little unscented baby moisturizing cream, especially on the dry areas, performing a small massage.

It is recommended to wash newborn baby clothes, bedding, and blankets with mild soap before using them, even if they are new items. During the first months it is recommended to wash the baby's clothes separately from those of the rest of the family.

You should not use skin care products that are not made for babies; they often contain perfumes and other substances that can irritate the skin.


We must keep the baby's nails short to prevent him from scratching his face. Fingernails grow so quickly that they need to be trimmed up to twice a week. Toenails do not grow as fast as fingernails and are softer.

We can use files, nail clippers or blunt scissors for toenails, we just have to be very careful not to hurt the baby.

It may be easier to cut nails when your baby is asleep.

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