¿Qué es el Síndrome del Niño Sacudido y por qué debemos evitarlo?

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome and why should we avoid it?

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome and why should we avoid it?

Shaken Baby Syndrome refers to a serious brain injury caused by shaking, shaking or throwing the baby into the air with force.

There, the brain moves back and forth inside the skull, which can cause bruising, swelling, or internal bleeding, leaving permanent sequelae such as blindness or cognitive disabilities in the baby.

Bullet Initially your baby does not support his head well because it is heavy and his neck and back muscles are weaker and in the process of strengthening.

When one of these violent movements is produced, it can cause shaken baby syndrome.

Unfortunately, this syndrome has been associated with situations of anger and frustration of one of the parents or adult caregivers, not knowing how to deal with situations of intense crying of the baby. 💧

When your baby starts to cry , come closer, hold him and rock him.

Try covering all his basic needs (hunger, sleep, hygiene) and while you do it you can talk to him or sing to him.

We recommend not letting him cry until he "gets tired" as this activates toxic substances in his brain that can affect his future learning and bond with others.

If you notice that you are upset, ask someone you trust for help while you calm down!

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