Vacunas para bebés

Vaccines for babies

Vaccines for babies


Vaccines have been one of the greatest contributions of medicine in health care and disease prevention in recent years. They have allowed the prevention and in some cases the eradication of fatal diseases, such as diphtheria, polio, measles, among others.

Currently, it is recommended to vaccinate children from the first day of life. The first vaccines that are administered in the clinic or hospital before the newborn is discharged are BCG (tuberculosis) and hepatitis B. Both vaccines are mandatory and are covered by the health system.

At the time of birth, the parents or responsible adults are given the baby's vaccination card, which will keep track of the vaccines that the baby has received or should receive as the baby grows.

According to the Colombian Vaccination Scheme, the next vaccines are applied after two months.

There may be situations in which the application of an extra dose of a vaccine is recommended according to epidemiological alerts. It is important to pay attention to the recommendations from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection or pediatricians for any modification.

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