¿Cuánto tiempo debo alimentar a mi bebé y cada cuánto?

How long should I feed my baby and how often?

How long should I feed my baby and how often?

Duration and frequency


The baby should be breastfed until full! We should not limit their feeding time.

The baby should be breastfed until full. We should not limit their feeding time.

We must completely empty the breast from which the baby is feeding, since the composition of the milk varies: the initial milk is rich in lactose (calories) and water, then continues the milk rich in proteins and the hind milk that is rich in fats. The baby needs all these nutrients for its development.

For the next feeding, the baby should start on the next breast.

If after emptying the first breast he is still hungry, we offer him the second breast. If he only took a little of the second breast, in the next feeding we offer the same breast; so that the baby can take all the nutrients from the milk, as explained above.

The same thing happens when the mother has so much milk that the baby cannot empty the breast in one feeding. You should finish the breast you did the previous shot on and then switch breasts.

It is difficult to establish a time, since all babies have different sucking rhythms and needs. There are those who manage to suck all the milk in 8 minutes and others take more than 25 minutes. Therefore, time is not a standard measurement for all babies. Each mother gets to know her baby, and over time she will determine her needs.

Many mothers get stressed keeping accounts with a watch in their hand. This stress will only affect the breastfeeding process.


The baby should feed every 2 or 3 hours.

The feeding frequency is determined by each baby, according to their needs. Whenever the baby is hungry, we should feed him.

In their first month of life, babies should have between 8 and 12 feedings every 24 hours. This means they should be fed every 2 to 3 hours. If the baby is asleep and this time passes, it is important to wake him up to feed him.

The time between feedings begins to count when the baby starts feeding.

Mom: relax, you should be calm and trust your instincts, enjoy your breastfeeding!

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