El Calostro: la primera leche que produce la mamá

Colostrum: the first milk that the mother produces

Colostrum: the first milk that the mother produces

What is colostrum?

It is the first “milk” that is produced, sometimes even before birth. It is a light yellow viscous liquid, rich in proteins and antibodies, which will provide the baby with nourishment and protection against diseases. Colostrum consumption is very important.

The baby consumes colostrum in its first 3 to 5 days, in small quantities (it is the amount that the baby needs due to the size of its stomach) and then begins the moment of milk let-down or the moment of transition of milk production. colostrum to breast milk.

  • The time for milk to come in varies from woman to woman, you just have to be patient and feed the baby frequently with colostrum until the milk comes in.
  • After colostrum comes transitional milk, which is a bluish-white milk, which has a higher content of soluble vitamins, proteins, lactose and fats and is produced until the baby's second week.
  • And finally, mature milk arrives, a very important source of energy. It is a whiter and more consistent milk, with a greater amount of fat and calories, important for brain development and the maintenance of body structure.

Maternal colostrum facilitates the expulsion of meconium and protects the baby against infections.

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