Técnica correcta para una lactancia materna exitosa

Correct technique for successful breastfeeding

Correct technique for successful breastfeeding

Correct posture and form for breastfeeding

The key to avoiding the problems of sore and cracked nipples is the correct posture of the baby when breastfeeding.

  • The baby's body should be completely facing the mother's body. Your head and body must be aligned (the baby cannot remain with his head turned, as it will hurt the nipples)
cradled position

Before achieving the grip, it is very useful to secure the breast with one of the hands in a C shape, placing the thumb on the top of the breast and the other fingers on the bottom.

With the other arm we carry the baby, keeping him facing our body. With our hands we hold the baby by the neck and back and support his head so that it is slightly backwards.

  • Once we have the baby well secured, we take him to the chest, pushing him gently to help him achieve latch.
Cross position
  • Before attaching the baby, we press the areola a little so that a few drops of milk come out. We stimulate the baby to open his mouth, touching the edge of the mouth with the nipple. When the baby opens his mouth completely, we introduce the breast, ensuring that the nipple is directed towards the palate.
  • The baby's lips should be completely open (like a fish's mouth), grasping the breast from the areola and not from the nipple, to achieve good suction. The entire nipple and a good part of the areola, especially the lower part, should remain inside the baby's mouth. This way we will have a deep grip.
  • The baby's tongue should wrap around the nipple at the bottom, the cheeks should look rounded and the nose and chin rest lightly on the mother's breast. There is no need to uncover your nose, as doing so can cause a poor grip.
Breastfeeding baby attached to nursing mother's breast
  • At the time of sucking the baby works with the jaw, the jaw moves up and down and the ears and temple also move. No clicking should be heard and the mother should not feel pain.

Recommendations to identify a good grip


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