¿Cómo desarrollar un vínculo seguro y de confianza con los niños?

How to develop a secure and trusting bond with children?

How to develop a secure and trusting bond with children?

How do you develop a trusting and secure bond?

Interactions with our children are like a thread that is coiled at first, due to the greater need for physical closeness; and month by month, year by year, it will develop to enable greater autonomy. Which means that, if this thread develops very quickly, it could break and in this case generate feelings of anguish; And if you don't get along, you might feel insecure.

Parents are like a mirror where their children will look at themselves to know if things are going in the right direction.

Each one, mom and dad, contributes their style when it comes to training. If we are both involved from the beginning, we will be creating a unique bond with our child through attention, affection and understanding during the changes in his development.

It is impossible not to learn from parents: to grow we must discover our own world and it is the first relationships that make this possible.

Our children are likely to be tender if that's how we are with them, or tell lies if they've ever heard us tell them. Let's constantly evaluate the mirror that our children are using to confirm if what they do is right.

It is possible that as he grows he will encounter other people in whom he also reflects, so our job is to be attentive and reflect with them frequently.

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