¿Cómo incluir otros cuidadores del bebé, cuando la madres regresa al trabajo?

How to include other baby caregivers when mothers return to work?

How to include other baby caregivers when mothers return to work?

Mother's entry into work and how to include other caregivers

In circumstances such as the mother's entry into work, the contact routine will change, so it is possible that her reactions to the reunion will also change. Given this, as parents we must continue with the same sensory communication and through language that we had when we were together all day. Let's tell him what will happen, let's not disappear; We tell him who he is going to stay with and we explain that it will be fine with this person. When we leave we say goodbye telling him that we will return. Being outside it is important to make calls during the day. At the reunion we must act as we have always done, with gestures and words of happiness, even if sometimes we feel that our child is resistant.

It's possible he just wants to be with us. This does not mean that their development is regressing, it is just one of the reactions that occurs before this event of entering work, or after 6 months. Their dimensions of time and space are still confusing, they live in the here and now, so believe their reactions, hold them in your arms if that makes them feel better, don't force them to be with other people if they want to be with you, when It's time to leave, a smile will inform you that what is happening, although it makes us sad, is not bad.

All these recommendations will help the baby understand that there will be a return from nearby adults.

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