El buen ejemplo para aprender a comunicar las cosas

The good example to learn to communicate things

The good example to learn to communicate things

What can we do so that, through a good example, our children learn to communicate what they want to us in a different way?

  • Let's try to imagine and understand what has happened and what, from the child's point of view, has produced this lack of control.
  • Let's not forget to consider factors such as fatigue, illness or heat among the options. Let's not distance ourselves from him, our son needs his calm, loneliness will not give him the answer to what he should do when he feels like this. Let's always accompany him, hopefully at his height and at a comfortable distance.
  • If possible, let's talk, tell the story that may have caused the reaction and include words of hope like, “I'm here, I understand you, I love you,” “You're having a bad time, I've been through this too,” or “I would like to give you I like that, but it is not the time or the place, I understand that you feel that way.”
  • In front of us is a human being who does not try to harm us or manipulate us. Due to his age and current condition, he is someone who finds it difficult to tolerate changes that he does not understand.
  • Let us remember that it is not a power struggle, but a relationship between parents and children whose objective is to guide both in the good times and in the most difficult.
  • When he regains his calm, let's talk to him about what made him act like this and reaffirm your intention to help him.
  • Let's invite him to tell us in his own words what he felt.

And if we are exhausted, let's be honest, let's say “today has not been an easy day for both of us” and “I think you need something and we haven't been able to understand what it is.” Let's accept that we need help to be able to help you and let's also look for someone trustworthy who can replace us for a moment.

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