Recomendaciones para el ingreso al jardín

Recommendations for entering the garden

Recommendations for entering the garden

Garden entrance

As with any change, we need time to get used to the new things about the place, the people and the routines. Trusting in the garden requires living the experience step by step, getting to know people not only physically but emotionally, interacting with new activities and ways of doing things and also enjoying the company of other children, which not only requires time, but which is an achievement that comes with age.

It is essential that parents believe in their children, as they have believed in their parents when staying in a new place, without the assurance that someone they love will return.

  • Let's visit the garden first, get to know the dynamics and the live teachers. Let's ask what the communication with parents is like, through the traveler's notebook, calls or emails. Also, let's tell our son in advance about this change.
  • During the first weeks let's be affectionate and dedicate more playing time in this period, possibly this is the time where we can find out how things are going. Let's read related stories, and at night, let's mention how proud we are of their effort, although the separation has also been hard for us.
  • If things do not improve, we notice that he does not sleep well, that he has nightmares, that he never wants to talk about the garden and that at the beginning of the week or in the mornings we are surprised by his reactions, we must analyze whether it is time to continue with this. Think about whether it requires a change of garden or it is better to wait for it to grow a little more.
  • Most likely, our children will thank us for paying attention to their signals to act in a timely manner.

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