Los famosos 2 años

The famous 2 years

The famous 2 years

The famous 2 years

If a 2-year-old could choose one phrase it would be this: “Dads, thank you for showing me things up to this age! Now I want to draw my own conclusions, but don't stop looking at me.” Your desire to go to a place or do something with great determination is not a simple whim, it is the interest in knowing the world from its possibilities and as adults we must begin to understand these changes.

“Dads, thank you for showing me things up to this age!”

For example, they discover wonders in details that adults don't and want to use all their senses to explore those little things. They are not manipulative, it is a desire that tells us that they are beginning to feel more confident moving in a social world.

Now their reactions will change, their concentration will be greater and they will be clearer about what they like and what they don't like so much. If we ask them to suspend an activity, they may need more time to finish it, this is what happens to adults too.

Let's first explore how important it may be for him, let's accompany those interests by giving other options at the same moment. Surely they will let us know as the expression of emotions intensifies and it is at that moment that they need us to continue teaching them how to express to someone that something is important to them and reach an agreement.

Sometimes anger appears with an expression of “I can only do it!” or tears come due to the surprise of some plan that they did not expect. They are messages of autonomy that, with loving understanding, over time, will transform into a clearer and calmer language.

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