¿Por qué son importantes las rutinas?

Why are routines important?

Why are routines important?

Daily routine

The family should establish a daily routine that includes the baby. When we are clear about the sequence of activities, we are giving security to our baby, since he knows in advance what is going to happen and will generate his own habits. Predictability is very important to them!

As the first days of parenting progress, we learn what sequence of activities our baby enjoys most, for example eating, sleeping, playing.

Step by step your own habits will be generated until they become routine. Having this established routine helps parents and caregivers organize and plan home and family activities more easily. It also allows us to identify and understand our baby's manifestations and reactions. (Identify crying due to hunger, sleep, tiredness, etc.)

The routines will change as each age will bring a different order and duration! We must learn to read these changes to adapt to them.

Let's avoid television or electronic games before bedtime, this activates the child and it can be very difficult to fall asleep.

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